About this site

This website is about exactly what the domain name says: safer climbing.

First of all, climbing is not a safe activity. Full stop. You may get hurt, or worse, even die during climbing. Of course, so are other sports. Climbing can be safer than some sports or less safe than another. It is only relative. Also, although you can not eliminate all the risks in climbing entirely, you can most likely reduce some, or maybe even all, of them more or less. Let's make our climbing activity safer without (much) sacrificing the fun part of it. This website is advocating, as well as seeking for, the ways to achieve it.

Climbing is in one definition a fight against the gravity. Simple. The law that describes the gravity and kinematics is not a rocket science, but a straightforward physics, called Classical mechanics, and any student who has finished the first-year of Physics course in university should understand it or at least its basics. It is a zillion-times proved theory since the formulation by the great Isaac Newton over 300 hundered years ago, and so there is no quetion left for its validity.

Indeed there is no mystery, or mythical power involved, when a climber falls, from a …

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