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Hi Masa, that's a nice

Hi Masa, that's a nice tribute to the two of them, thanks. A bit like your comment about car sharing, I've thought a few times that the first person I would have to talk to at some point about the loss of one of them was the other...

The item left in the hut on that occasion may have been my boots as we excitedly drove off for a first visit to Supercrag. I definitely remember stepping in a few bogs and my trainers being rather the worse for wear when we got back. Steve wasn't climbing great at the time, and I was almost forced to lower him into the sea when he failed to second the diagonal Rolling Foam. Luckily for him, as he gradually spun on the rope and a full soaking seemed ever more likely, he just managed to land on a solitary boulder and leap back onto land. (I've only just remembered this!). In true Steve character, when I tried to apologise for poor choice of route he waved it aside and said it was his own fault for climbing badly. Last year he was just starting to get really good. A great guy.