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Go down, very fast, up, up, to alpine glory

Viewing south from Aig. Chardonnet

Summitting — it is one of the primary goals in mountaineering.

Logically speaking, it does not make much sense. Mountaineerers often deliberately and willingly choose hard ways rather than just trodding up to a summit. If you just want to summit, then why don't you take the easiest way? Alternatively if you want an excitement of the challenge, then as soon as you finish the difficult part of the route, you should be ready to descend to a safety, rather than stretching to the summit via comparatively easy path, braving a potential of associated risks.

However it seems climbers are not such a logical creature…

Bowline CC Welsh 1000m race meet (04 - 05 June 2011)

Bowline CC runners

Welsh 1000m Peaks Race was held on 4th June, 2011, where competitors run through all the five 1000-metres peaks in Snowdonia (or Wales). Five Bowliners participated it (and all of them climbed on the following day), and another six stayed in the weekend in our lovely hut. Two of the latter five did a supporting run in the middle of night for their friends' attempt of Paddy Buckley Round (an extremely tough fell-running challenge in North Wales; supporting runners' role is by no means easy, either — running with challengers on hilly and rough terrains for a few hours, carrying water, waterproof etc), then went biking the following morning. And I myself tried on my dream climbing route.

Bowline CC Easter Cornish meet 2011 (21 April – 2 May)

View from Zennor Cliff to the west

Climbing on granite in Cornish sea-cliffs is arguably the best in the country; only the potential down side is Cornwall tends to be wet. The weather is always a gamble, and this time it turned out to be … marvellous! Out of 12 days we had 2 days of foul weather and 1 showery day, and that was it. It could not have been better, really.


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