Record of climbing on 22 June 2008 at Birchen Edge (by Masa)

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Peak District/Birchen Edge
Graeme B, Gina, Hollie, Andy R, Luke, Claudia, Masa
22/06/2008 (day trip) Birchen Edge (The hyperlinks hereafter are to unless mentioned otherwise)
  1. Stoker's Wall/Stoker's Hole (6m HS 4a); Leader Graeme (OF), 2nd Hollie, Gina, Masa
  2. Copenhagen Wall and The Fo'c'sle/Mast Gully Crack (10m HS 4b); Leader Masa (OF), 2nd Hollie, Gina, Graeme
  3. Copenhagen Wall and The Fo'c'sle/Dane's Delight (6m HS 5b); Solo Graeme (OF), Andy (GF), Masa (GF)
  4. Orpheus Wall (Area)/Orpheus Wall (14m HVS 5c); Leader Masa (Failed), 2nd Andy (Failed)
  5. Sail Buttress (Area)/Ratline (14m HVS 5b); Leader Masa (OF), 2nd Andy, Luke, Claudia, Graeme
  6. Nelson's Slab (Area)/Dead Eye (10m HVS 6a); Leader Masa (Jumped off)
  7. Nelson's Slab (Area)/Blind Eye (14m S 4b); Leader Claudia (OF), 2nd Masa
Styles: O(s) = Onsite, F = Flash, (A) = (a little Advice), G = Ground-up, HP = Head-Point
Sunny with gales (19degC@11:35, 14degC@18:30, 12degC@21:20)

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