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Scotts Locked Bowline

The link you have provided to 'Scotts locked Bowline' and its alleged failure mode is an example of deliberately spreading disinformation into the public internet space.
There is no such failure mode - the original poster on the IGKT website is not a licenced test laboratory or an expert on knot testing. That person simply posted an experience that he was involved with - with a deliberately loosened knot and a deliberately induced snag.
The proposition tendered by that person could apply to any knot - to single out Scotts locked Bowline is non-sensical. For example, that person could also have tied a #1047 Figure 8 knot in a very loose dressing state. Any tie-in knot that is loose - has the potential to fail (obviously).
To commence climbing with a loose tie-in knot strongly implies recklessness and/or incompetence. A competent diligent climber would undertake a partner check BEFORE commencing climbing - to check things such as their tie-in knot. Checking your tie-in knot is a mission critical action because your life depends on it!
You should remove your link to the alleged failure mode of Scotts locked Bowline because it is false.
Scotts locked Bowline is inherently secure and is fit for purpose in climbing applications.