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Bowlines (vs. Fig.8(s)) discussion

Before this runs into another venting verbosity from u-no-hoo,
let me less emphatically remark that there are many good ways to tie in, and some of these use variations of the bowline. Of which some might incorporate a fig.8 structure, for security measures. Try this : with the Yosemite Bowline, let the to-be-further-tucked (out through collar) tail *swing wide* so that it crosses the main line, AND THEN instead of tucking it on out through the collar, bring it back sharply through the main "nipping" loop; in this way, this further-tucked tail binds against the main line, helping to keep it snug, and it of course is wrapping around the tail. (A similar tucking is recommended (by me) with that DAV-recommended tie-in.)