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Figure 8 versus 'Bowline'

Quote from Masa:
"Nowadays, a majority of climbers use Figure-of-Eight instead, primarily because Fig-8 is far more foolproof than Bowline."

Reply: This statement is factually incorrect - and represents only the opinion of Masa.
Are you aware that climbers also make mistakes tying the #1047 Figure 8 eye knot? Robert Chisnell reported an accident where a climber incorrectly a figure 8 into the harness. Authors seem to ignore certain facts and only choose to report on negative press about 'Bowlines' - presumably because they already have preconceived bias.

Your words 'Figure 8 is far more foolproof than knot XYZ' is a relative concept. As with all knots, practice is key. You are just as likely to make a mistake tying a figure 8 knot than with any other 'Bowline'. Climbers sometimes forget to feed the web belt back through manual locking harness buckles. In response, manufacturers offer self-locking type harness buckles to try to eliminate human error. Same goes with screw-gate carabiners - climbers often forget to lock them - so in response, manufacturers offer self-locking twist-lock style gates.
You could argue that harnesses with self-locking buckles are far more foolproof than harnesses with manual style buckles. But, are we really making a statement about human failings? Should we ban all harnesses with manual buckles that require the person to feed the belt material back through the buckle to lock it? Should we ban screw-gate carabiners?