Record of climbing on 26--27 November 2008 at Curbar Edge (by Masa)

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Peak District/Curbar Edge
Steve E, Gemmer, Sam, George, Su-min, Dave E, Alex C, John S, Nick P, Graeme B, Gina, Chris, Masa (ULMC etc)
Period (26--27/04/2008)
26/04/2008 Curbar Edge
  1. The Toy (Area)/Shallow Chimney (7m VD); Leader Masa (OF), 2nd Alex, Su-min, George, Sam, Graeme
  2. L'Horla (Area)/Green Crack (11m HVS 5b); Leader Masa (OF), 2nd Graeme (failed), Chris (failed)
  3. L'Horla (Area)/Slab Route (9m HVD (S 4a)); Leader Graeme (OF), 2nd Chris, Masa
  4. Quarry Face (Kayak Slab)/Kayak (9m E2 5c (E1 5b)); Leader Gemmer (Hp), 2nd Masa; Leader Graeme (GF), 2nd Chris
  5. Avalanche Wall Area/Avalanche Wall (12m HVS 5a); Leader Masa (OF), 2nd Graeme
  6. Baron's Wall and Calver Wall/Allen's Climb (9m Diff); Leader Graeme (OF), 2nd Gina, Masa
  7. Baron's Wall and Calver Wall/Flying Buttress Right (10m S 4a); Leader Graeme (OF), 2nd Masa, Gina
  8. Baron's Wall and Calver Wall/The Corner (9m HVS 5b); Leader Masa (OF), 2nd George, Sam
Styles: O(s) = Onsite, F = Flash, (A) = (a little Advice), G = Ground-up, Hp = Head-Point
27/04/2008 (Just driving back)
Camping @ Hardhurst Farm Camp Site
Sunny (21 degC @ 17:50)

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