2008/05/09--11 Record of mountaineering in Cornwall (by Masa)

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England/Cornwall/Bosigran, Chair Ladder, Sennen
Laurence, Bernie, Jon M, Dom, Sarah S, George, Jim, Adam, Toby, Lisa, Steve E, Neil, Dan, Tom Bu, Su-min, Graeme B, Masa
2008/05/09--2008/05/11 (2 nights)
  • 2008/05/09 Somerset ...(car)... Chair Ladder ...(car)... Bosigran (hut)
    1. Bishop Buttress/Diocese (61m, VS 4b(20m),5a(10m),4a(23m),4b(8m)); Leader(AL,OF) Masa (1,3pitches), Graeme(2,4pitches)
    2. The Pinnacle/Terrier's Tooth (39m, HS 4b(18m),–(9m),–(12m)); Leader(AL,OF) Graeme(1,3pitches), Masa (2pitch)
  • 2008/05/10 Hut ...(car)... Sennen Cove ...(car)... Minack Theatre ...(car)... Hut
    1. Demo Route (24m, HS 4b(15m),4b(9m)); Leader Graeme(OF), 2nd Masa
    2. Banana Crack (25m, HVS 5c); Leader Masa(OY), 2nd Graeme
    3. Zig Zag (18m, HVS 5a); Leader Masa(OF), 2nd Graeme
    4. Andrimne (20m, S 4a); Leader Graeme(OF), 2nd Masa
    5. Africa Route (18m, VS 5a); Leader Masa(OF), 2nd Graeme
  • 2008/05/11 Hut ... Bosigran Ridge ... Hut ... Bosigran ... Hut ...(car)... Leicester
    Bosigran Ridge Area
    1. Commando Ridge (Bosigran Ridge) (198m, VD –(26m),–(23m),–(18m),–(15m),–(33m),–(20m),–(33m),4b(30m)); Leader(OF) Graeme (1,8pitches; 2-7pitches MT), 2nd Masa
    1. Doorpost (56m, HS 4a(18m),4b(12m),4a(26m)); Leader(AL,OF) Masa (1pitch), Graeme(2,3pitches)
    2. Little Brown Jug (64m, VS 4b(22m),4a(18m),5a(24m)); Leader Masa (OF; nb. 1-2 pitches in one go), 2nd Graeme
Styles: O(s) = Onsite, F = Flash, (A) = (a little Advice), G = Ground-up, Hp = Head-Point, AL = Alternative Lead, MT = Move together, Y(o) = Yo-Yo (or dogged)
Count House hut @Bosigran
  • 2008/05/09 Foggy with occasional drizzle (14degC@16:50, 13degC@19:50)
  • 2008/05/10 Foggy (17degC@14:30ish)
  • 2008/05/11 Foggy, then Sunny

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